Friday, August 15, 2014

Marco's Pizza - Leander

Marco's Pizza Leander

Friday night is our regular date night, usually.  This Friday we were definitely NOT going outside the house. Texas weather is wonderful, usually. The normal high for today would be 64 degrees F.  Today that was not the case, with a low of 23 and a high of 34, the rain that fell overnight and instantly froze didn't really get an opportunity to melt.  

Delivery was our unanimous decision. Now, I don't like pizza, in fact I really dislike it quite a lot, on the other hand, my husband and mother in law love it.  It used to be they would fill up on it while I was off visiting my family in Europe, but now that we have found Marco's the problem is solved.  Apparently, if you like pizza, I have it on good authority that their's is delicious.  I assure you, their salads are pretty good, for a pizza delivery restaurant, in fact they are better than our local Italian delivery salads.  Last time we did this I had the ceasar salad, this time I chose the 'small' greek salad with some buffalo wings.  The salad was great, though I don't like the prepackaged dressings, as they come on the side I can apply my own dressing.  The wings were pretty good too - a little greasy, but edible and the sauce was great, if you like hot buffalo wings and I do.

We order online, select our preferred delivery time, and as they are located less than two miles from our house, delivery is always on time and the food, at least the food that is supposed to be hot, is hot. Naturally, the salad was cold.

And, as you can see, there is more than enough for dinner for the three of us, plus pizza left for Larry's lunch and salad for lunch for me for the next two days, if I want it.  All that for $40 including tip.

Friday, August 8, 2014


So, my daughter challenged me to create a meal out of left overs.  How? she said, 'You have always been so good at making magical meals out of leftovers' and naturally I saw that as a challenge.

What was left over?

Some sausages - (a little charred) French sausages, sort of like the sausages known as Italian in the US, quite nice, not greasy, spicy and meaty, left from the French barbecue, a little bit of duck from that barbecue and also beef and lamb from same event.

I poked around in her fridge and found a huge bag of my most favorite Chicory (Belgian Endive) almost all of which were way far gone, but two ears were still good. Beautiful sweet French onions, really they were more like shallots which I love, and new potatoes, lots of them.

So, I cleaned and chopped the two ears of chicory, about 10 small onions, and 10 potatoes (peeled of course). I heated some oil in a skillet and added mixed herbs, cumin and a lot of curry powder and some salt and pepper.

Once this mixture was good and hot I added the chopped potatoes (if you are lucky enough to have a granddaughter, allow her to help with the copping), onions and chicory and sauteed them 'til they started to brown constantly stirring. Then I added the chopped barbecued meats and a cup .. actually a mug of red wine (if in doubt, add red wine) a mug of water, and allow the wine to cook, taste and then make your daughter taste, discuss and agree to add a small carton of tomato paste and a small carton of cream. Stir well, bring back to the boil and taste again - perfect! cover and let simmer.

Simmer for 20 minutes then turn off the heat and let sit till ready to eat. It will continue to cook for at least another hour.  So, then get your daughter to cook some rice, reheat the leftovers and serve, preferably with some (lots of) cheap, good French wine.

My grandson (the skinny one) had a double serving so I know he liked it :) - it was good.