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When I started blogging I wasn't really sure what direction my blog would take me. After blogging for over a year I decided it was time to split my content into two blogs. A Lick & A Promise was my first one, I have pulled out my Restaurant Commentary (reviews) and Recipes and put them here. I am hoping that will tidy up my content.

A Lick & A Promise continues to deal with my non food related interests, hobbies and observations, it also satisfies my need to write. All About The Plate is entirely food related.

I love to cook and we eat out at least once a week, often more frequently.  As we live in a neighborhood where there are numerous restaurants within a 10 mile radius, we rarely go further. Some are good, some are not so good, some are inconsistent and a few are only visited once and best forgotten. We, myself my husband and his mother, are probably a fairly tough audience.  We do put a huge value on good service and, in particular, my husband has very little patience with bad service. We will not complain about paying more for good food and excellent service and we will always tip well if the service is good. I am probably a lot more fussy about the food. I grew up in Europe, with a French mother who was an amazingly good cook. My mother in law and my husband a both down home Southern people and their taste in food is reflected in that.

My cooking technique is somewhat unorthodox, I start with an idea of the taste I want to produce, and work from there, never measuring or weighing ingredients and rarely using exactly the same ingredients or method.

I am hoping that publishing some of my recipes on this blog will force me to document these dishes though I worry that stopping to weigh, measure and write down will stop the creative flow, we shall see.

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